Apptegy’s media brand, SchoolCEO, produces research and content for school leaders in the form of print publications, video interviews, podcasts, and online articles. We aim to be a thought leader in school marketing and our printed publication is sent to every superintendent in the US as a free resource.

Some of my primary duties while a part of this team included collaborating with researchers, copywriters, editors, illustrators, and the VP of Marketing & Media to produce a 64-page, quarterly magazine. I used InDesign and InCopy to fluidly design layouts for magazine articles, spreads, and covers in tandem with copywriters as they went through the editorial process.
Spring 2019 Cover

I had the opportunity to design the Spring 2019 cover for our issue focused on how school districts can recruit millennial teachers. The team conducted a survey over over 1,000 people that gave their opinion on what they're looking for in a teaching job and where they're searching to find information about districts they're interested in. We conducted a photoshoot with a local photographer to utilized photos of real millennial teachers throughout this issue.
Brand Identity Essentials Spread

School leaders are in the business of educating children, but the role of a Superintendent is evolving into a position that is similar to a private sector CEO. This means that different marketing principals are becoming more important to understand. I was chosen to design a spread explaining everything needed to have a consistent brand identity. This included explaining the importance of core logo files, the difference between raster and vector, what color codes are and why they're important, as well as the difference between display fonts and fonts used for body copy.

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